Collaboration models

Here are a few typical models by which we are helping our friends in the corporate world to tap into the high-energy, move-fast, break-things, work-hard-while-having-fun world of startups.


Screening Program

Typically a few weeks project to start, then continuous model to screen for future stars in the select business domain.

Desired outcome:
Market outlook, insights, ideas, investment opportunities


Incubation program

From a weekend hackathon to 4-5 weeks program to work on early-stage ideas and teams to develop new growth ideas with the sponsoring corporate(s).

Desired outcome:
Brand building, ideas, learnings (of the way of working)


Acceleration  program

4-6 months collaboration program to develop new growth businesses in a selected business domain, with early to growth stage startups.

Desired outcome:
Ecosystem growth, upstream or downstream


Venture building

Focused new business acceleration in a close collaboration with and at Avanto. We take your core team (we prefer to call them founders) out of their routines into our community and support their journey to set up a new (disruptive) business with drive and dedication.

Desired outcome:
Focused business results

Corporate Venture Funding

Fund management service for corporates. We search, screen, evaluate, propose investments - and decide for you, if you so prefer.

Desired outcome:
Minority investments, partnerships, M&A opportunities





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